EN1150:1999 is the PPE standard for protective clothing / visibility clothing for non-professional use. not like EN ISO 20471 testing, it is less assessment is demanded.
High-Visibility Clothing

What is High-Visibility Clothing?

Posted by COCCare on  February 23, 2020
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High-visibility clothing is clothing that is made of bright or fluorescent materials. These garments might also be designed with strips of reflective material, and are usually worn for safety purposes. Bicyclists, for example, often wear high-visibility clothing so that they can be easily seen when they are riding on or near roads that are shared by cars and trucks. It is especially common for bicyclists to wear some sort of reflective material while riding at
cyclists with reflective safety vest
We cyclists are the most powerless of all street clients. We’re up to multiple times bound to get harmed out and about than drivers are, and up to multiple times bound to get killed. They’re concerning details, and it’s up to us all to guarantee we’re as obvious as could be allowed (and in this way as protected as could be expected under the circumstances) while riding out and about. In any case, how would

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