Disposable sterile IV infusion set

Infusion Set Sterile Iv Set Disposable Parts Of Iv Burette Infusion Giving Set With Needle

1. The spike made of ABS material is easy to puncture.
2. The filtration rate of air inlet for particles above 0.5㎛ is more than 95%, effectively prohibiting bacteria particles into
the infusion set.
3. Fluid filter can prohibit particles above 15㎛. The tube made of elastic PVC can avoid bending into the frill. The length can be
customized according to your needs.
4. Luer connector: International standard, easily connects to the needle
5. Sterile type: EO Gas
6. Package: Individual package: PE; Middle package: PE; Outer package: Carton
7. Certificate: CE, ISO
8. OEM/ODM: Accept